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Year End Reporting

If you have any questions or issues with the report, please contact Angela Bresee at hubs@honorflight.org

2023 Year End Report

Welcome to the Honor Flight Year End reporting tool.  We appreciate your time and talents.  This information helps all of us to let our communities and sponsors know all the work and efforts each of you provides to our veterans!

It’s certainly was great to be back to a full schedule of trips once again.  We appreciate all your efforts in keeping the hopes and dreams alive in your veterans. 

This form is for BUS & FLIGHT trips – and must be completed if you traveled or not.  It must be completed by 12/31/2023.  Hubs NOT completing this form will be locked out of the system and unable to make changes or create trips.  Additional penalties such as denial of USPP services, hub assistance or hub suspension and loss of licensing could result.  

End of Year 2023
Type of Trip You Take
Have you reviewed and/or updated the Hub Directory in the hub portal for your hubs contact information in the past 3 months?
Did your hub make a trip in 2023?

YOU MAY NOT SUBMIT YOUR YEAR END REPORT - Until a hub member with FULL Access has logged into the Hub Portal and updated your PUBLIC & INTERNAL hub directory information.

Does your hub accept applications for ALL Veterans through the Vietnam Era??
Honorably Discharged, peace time or war/conflict time. Examples Post WWII, Cold War, Etc.
Help us better understand why your hub isn't serving all Veterans at this time.
Does your hub offer any kind of "Flag of our Heroes" or similar program?
Your hub may call it something different - but it's a program where you salute fallen Veterans during your trip.

2023 Trip Reporting Information

This is a calculation of all your fields from below.
Post WWII, Cold War and any veteran other than WWII, Korean or Vitenam. If veteran was a dual or triple time period veteran, and can be counted as WWII, Korean or Vietnam do not count them here.
This is guardians physically brought with you on your trip NOT picked up in DC.


Veterans that served from 12/31/1946 or earlier
Includes POST WWII veterans through end of Korean War 1/1/1947 - 1/31/1955
Includes Cold War through end of Vietnam War 2/1/1956 - 5/7/1975
Any and all veterans that served AFTER 5/7/1975. Example: Lebanon/Grenada, Panama, Desert Shield/Storm
This should reflect only living veterans on your list and not include those that passed as noted below.

Virtual Programs

Do you provide VR programs for veterans unable to travel to DC?

Report Submission Information

Secretary, Flight Coordinator, President, etc.
In the event we have questions about your year end report.
Thank you for submitting your information for the annual year end report. We value you as a volunteer and all your efforts with Honor Flight.
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